Wind Farms: Some References

Growing Disenchantment with Renewable Energy” from Institute for Energy Research, November 30, 2011.

Wind Farms are Useless, Says Duke of Edinburgh” by Jonathan Wynne-Jones, The Telegraph, November 19, 2011.

Climate Change Act 2008, Department of Energy and Climate Change, U.K.

Feds Drafting Regulations on Spacing Wind Turbines from Homes” by Dave Hutton and Jeff Davis, The Vancouver Sun, January 17, 2012.

Wind Turbines, Health, Ridgelines, and Valleys” by Michael A. Nissenbaum, MD, May 7, 2010, from Industrial Wind Action Group.

Wind Turbine Syndrome: Testimony before the New York State Legislature Energy Committee” from Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD, March 7, 2006.

Falmouth Residents Dispute DEP Study Which Finds Wind Turbines Do Not Pose Health Risk” by Michael Bailey, The Enterprise, January 20, 2012.

Against the Wind: The Pursuit of Clean Energy Has Relegated Ordinary People to the Status of ‘Collateral Damage’” by Maurice Newman, The Spectator Australia, January 21, 2012.

The Wind Turbine Syndrome Has Become Pandemic” in Canada Free Press, December 11, 2011.

Wisconsin Town Council Places Prior Restraints on Political Speech” by Joe Wolverton, New American, January 9, 2012.

Britain’s Wind Farm Scam Threatens Economic Recovery” from Benny Peiser, Watts Up With That? August 22, 2011.


The Wind Farm Scam by John Etherington, 2009.

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