Backup Problem for Solar and Wind

There is a letter to the editor in the Austin American-Statesman about deficiencies in wind and Solar for providing power.

Nuclear over Renewables” by Lloyd Bailey, Austin American-Statesman, January 1, 2012. The letter appeared on page 8A of the January 2, 2012, print edition.

With the great emphasis placed upon green energy in Pflugerville, is it possible that pc is driving some decisions here rather than facts?

The letter to the editor brings out the possibility that this is happening in Austin.

More about Energy Issues:

Fayette plant at center of debate over Coal” by Marty Toohey, Austin American-Statesman, Januay 1, 2012.

Shukman on Windfarms” in Bishop Hill, January 1, 2012.

Gone with the Wind Subsidies” in MB50’s “Liquid Mud” Blog.

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