Instructions (3 easy steps)


Instructions (Just Three Steps) for Creating Posts

1. Setting up a WordPress Account (The word “account” suggests fees, but there are no costs.):

Go to “Get your own account in seconds” at

Create and type in a username and password.

Type in an email address.

Read the WordPress terms of service.

Click on “Sign up”

2. Joining Bohls Neighborhood Talk:

After you have set up a WordPress account, send an email to simply indicating your intention to join Bohls Neighborhood Talk. The email should be sent from the same email address typed into your WordPress account application. Username and password will not be needed for this step. Wait for your request to be answered before proceeding to the next step. Your request will usually be answered within 24 hours.

3. Writing a Post:

Go to “Bohls Neighborhood Talk” at

Click on “Log in.” in the “Meta” section within the left column, and then log in.

Place cursor (without clicking) on “Bohls Neighborhood” (upper left corner of page).

Move cursor to “New” in the menu that appears and click.

This should bring “Add New Post” into view. After the writing of a post is completed and a title is added, “Publish” can be clicked. Then, click on “View Post” after the tiny circle to the left of “Publish” disappears and “View Post” appears in the upper part of the page. Next, click “View Post” to see what your post looks like.

Finally. “Edit” (near the bottom of your post on the web page) can be clicked to make changes and publish again if desired or to “Move to trash” to delete the post.

Your email address will not appear anywhere in any of your published posts.

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