A Pflugerville City Council Agenda Item about a Former Library Building

Item 10A on the agenda for the regular May 8, 2012, Pflugerville City Council meeting was “Discuss and consider action regarding sale of real property located at 102 South Third Street to the highest bidder.

The house on Third Street served as the city library for a number of years and then more recently as an office for city engineers.

In the meeting, the possibility of rezoning the property to Office 1 was discussed. This would be compatible with future use of the house as an insurance office. A video of the discussion is available at this City of Pflugerville web page.

The old question about what parts of Old Town should be zoned residential and what parts commercial has yet to be well resolved. In the public comment section for Item 10A, it was noted that proposals from residents over the years to move the cbd border line from Hall Street to the alley between Hall and Pecan have never been acted upon

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