Should More Be Done to Facilitate Allowing the Public to Guide City Growth in Pflugerville?

A website was created to gather input when the Pflugerville 2030: Your Voice, Your Choice process was begun for updating the comprehensive plan. When the process was complete, a link to the input website was no longer provided by the City of Pflugerville and the website was no longer maintained. While its use was available, the website by its presence not only encouraged input but also wide-ranging discussion among those contributing thoughts and opinions.

What is left is a City Facebook site. Its purpose as stated in the City of Pflugerville website appears to be:

“Facebook – Do you ‘like’ your city? Follow us on Facebook. Regular posts will keep you informed on city happenings and events. Also rely on this social media for breaking news and use to ask questions!”

This does not seem to make up for the loss of the website set up for the Pflugerville 2030: Your Voice, Your Choice process.

Restoring the opportunity for effective city-wide online conversation about Pflugerville’s future seems appropriate now that proposals for allowing more public participation in the guidance of a city’s growth may be becoming more common. See, for example,

National forum explores letting public guide city growth” by Garth Stapley, The Modesto Bee, April 21, 2012.

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