Smart Growth Revisited, Questionable for Pflugerville Development

One of the handouts distributed at the Project Connect North Corridor Open House at the Pflugerville Justice Center on June 19, 2012, was entitled “Identifying Long Range Transit Solutions for Our Region’s North Corridor.” Here the mission was described in terms of meeting “community needs consistent with the Livability Principles.”

With the emphasis on walkable transit-oriented mixed-use development, the Livability Principles appear to incorporate the important elements of smart growth.

The Coalition on Sustainable Development (COST) has commentary dated July 19, 2012, that is critical of smart growth. The title is “Austin’s ‘Compact Living’ Policies Are Destructive to City.”

One of the articles mentioned in the COST commentary was said to be in NewGeography (June 28). This would be “Questioning the Messianic Conception of Smart Growth” by Wendell Cox, NewGeography, June 28, 2012. In this article, a case is made through a discussion of the results of a paper published in the Journal of the American Planning Association that  good outcomes are not necessarily obtained by adopting smart growth doctrine.

All of this suggests that the Livability Principles, which taken together show significant resemblances to smart growth, should not necessarily be used as a kind of guide for designing a public transit system for the North Corridor.

In the “Identifying Long Range Transit Solutions” handout, the North Corridor project is described as a Alternative Analysis study expected to take 18 months to two years to finish from the June 19, 2012, starting date. It is also mentioned that public input will be taken throughout the process. This apparently means that the City of Pflugerville Blog will also be open for comments about Project Connect North Corridor while the process is ongoing.

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