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Gilead = 9 turbines.  Wpd = 29 turbines.  Can it get any worse for South County?  Yes it can.

There are persistent rumours that wpd Canada (“wpd”) is preparing to a second, larger wind project for South County, even as it gets ready to submit its REA application for the 29-turbine project.

When the original White Pines project was announced back in 2008, it was to include 75 turbines.  This project was subsequently split into two phases of 30+ and 40+ turbines, respectively.

In 2010, wpd was awarded a power supply contract for 30 turbines (later reconfigured to 29).  Many people assumed that wpd had decided to proceed with Phase 1 only.

We believe that wpd has decided to proceed with Phase 2 —  an additional 40+ turbines – and has, or is close to having, sufficient options of land to support this number.

Phase 2 could be infill within…

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