Libraries and WUWT

There is a list of some books largely critical of catastrophic man-made global warming theory on this web page. Those titles marked with a red asterisk are in the book collection of the Austin Public Library.

With a Pflugerville library card, one can obtain a TexShare card from the Pflugerville Community Library. This card can be used in turn to obtain an Austin Public Library card at any APL branch. One of the branches closest to Pflugerville is the Milwood Branch (pictured above) at 12500 Amherst Drive. APL books can be reserved online to be picked up later at a convenient branch location.

There is a list of some local library books with content related to land use on this web page.

A list of Pflugerville Library books with information relevant to HOAs and neighborhood associations can be found here.

Added, January 7, 2012:

Besdes books, blogs are important sources of information about the global warming debate. Today, January 7, 2012, the Watts Up With That? blog had its visitor number 100,000,000.

The cartoon displayed below has been posted here in accordance with the provision in Cartoons by Josh that it can be shown on non-commercial blogs.

Also see “A Small Milestone” by Anthony Watts, Watts Up With That?, January 7, 2012.


Hurrah for 8 Orders of Magnitude!” by Christopher Monckton, Watts Up With That?, January 7, 2012.

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