About the Unified Development Code Diagnosis Project

Item 2A on the agenda for the Pflugerville City Council worksession on April 24, 2012, was “Discussion with the Planning and Zoning Commission regarding preliminary findings and recommendations as a result of the Unified Development Code Diagnosis project.”

In the worksession, it was reported that the project was funded by the Capital Reserve Fund. It was also reported that the discovery phase had been completed and that the next step was the preparation of a draft diagnostic report.

Mention was made of a reference source that essentially provided local strategies for suburban communities. Among development features allowed were

  • Mixing of uses
  • Diversity of housing types
  • Moderately high density
  • Street connectivity

The local strategies would be intended to lead to the creation of compact and walkable neighborhoods.

This seems consistent with a prescription for smart growth development for which many features are controversial.

Public input for determining the kinds of development best suited for Pflugerville was obtained by a variety of means during the recent comprehensive plan revision including the establishment of a Pflugerville Community Almanac website. Unfortunately this website is no longer maintained by the city and thus opportunities for continued public input into decisions regarding future city growth and development have become more limited.

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