News from Durban

There is a new AP article about an agreement made in Durban to begin work on a new accord.

Earlier, it was thought that the climate conference would end with little to show for it.

Climate conference approves landmark deal” by Arthur Max, Yahoo! News, December 11, 2011.

More about this:

Durban: Wild ambit fails, but money flows” in JoNova, December 11, 2011.

Still more from JoNova:

New Here? The ‘ten second’ guide to the world of skeptics

Some reactions from Germany about the agreement reached in Durban were posted in NoTricksZone:

Durban is not even half-baked. The appearance of an agreement is preserved.” by P. Gosselin, NoTricksZone, December 11, 2011.

Added December 13, 2011:

Long faces in Durban” by Jack Kelly, Real Clear Politics, December 12, 2011.

Don’t pretend we know what causes climate change” by John Robson, Toronto Sun, December 10, 2011.

Added December 31, 2011:

The World’s Slowest Learners” by Donna Laframboise, No Frakking Consensus, December 31, 2011.

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