Climategate 2.0 — More Emails!

It has been two years since the Climategate emails were released. Another collection of emails has apparently just been made public. Some of these can be read from the Watts Up With That? website.


New heading for this reference is “Climategate 2.0 emails — they’re real and they’re spectacular!” in Watts Up With That?

Many more can be found at The Reference Frame.

Uh oh, global warming loons, here comes Climategate II” by James Delingpole, The Telegraph, November 22, 2011.

Added November 23, 2011:

There is more discussion about the released emails in

Climategate 2.0: New emails rock the global warming debate” by James Taylor, Forbes, November 23, 2011.

Added November 24, 2011:

More emails: Phil Jones paid £13,7 million in grants but “not a public servant” in JoNova.

Breaking! Apparently more emails released, Climategate II?” in JoNova.

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