In a PCDC web page it is stated that “City leaders are dedicated to facilitating smart growth….” This phrase has been included somewhere within the PCDC website for a number of years, but the city has never really had a debate about whether Pflugerville should become essentially a smart growth city with the emphasis on higher-density residential housing that such a designation would imply.

Fortunately, density in Pflugerville has not yet been incorporated into Pflugerville plans to the apparent extreme that it has in planning ideology in Australia as described
in “Dense Urban Thinking Down Under” by Joel Kotkin,, October 18, 2011.

One of the rationales for advocating higher density is based upon man-made global warming theory. The extent to which climate change is dependent upon human activities, however, has become an increasingly controversial subject as information about Climategate has become more widely disseminated. Now, through a book just released this month, the trust placed in IPCC may become diminished. The allegations made in the book are likely to intensify the controversy about man-made global warming.

Added October 19, 2011:

Here is a review by Judith Curry of the book about the IPCC.

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